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In order to measure the amount of wind erosion, different passive and active devices are used in different ways. One of these devices is Modified Wilson and Cooke (MWAC), which has the ability to measure soil erosion through wind in 8 directions and it works in passive mode.

MWAC set

Gas generators are among the supporters of the environment that have the least pollution for the environment. Although these generators use less CNG than diesel generators, they do less damage to the environment. Today, with the expansion of the electricity distribution network in all parts of the country, the dependence on this energy source is undeniable. Therefore, in order to prevent the damages caused by the power outage of the national network in all administrative, commercial and residential centers, as well as production, the emergency power support system should be used.
For this purpose, the use of diesel generators and gas generators is proposed as an identical system with two combustion sources of fuel of the combustion system, which is described here as the gas-burning system or gas generator.

Evaluation Services

Monitoring information and evaluating and analyzing various results obtained from device measurements by presenting computer programs


Scientific research

The executive staff and consultant of this company, relying on their scientific records, your purposeful advice

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Carrying out construction projects and production of various devices related to the green industry in the form of initial design and reverse engineering

Providing complete telephone and in-person consulting services on the organization and implementation of various green industry projects



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